Music Conservatory

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  • Date:
    Fall 2003
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The overlying concept for this building was derived from a number of physical interpretations of a purely instrumental song (Disco Science by Mirwaïs). The initial creation of a 2d and then a 3d abstraction of the song advised the structure’s overall form.

The shape of the upper level floor plan (public) grew out of the wholly cyclical nature of the song, with the building transitioning from public to private as you go down and in, respectively.

The division of the lower floor plan (musical education) mimics the first-tier segmentation of the song into it’s three main parts, with its lulls in between creating light wells to reach into the deep building footprint.

The song’s many ebbs and flows advise the “roller-coaster” nature of the roof, which is broken up into many individual pieces, much the same way the song can be deconstructed into its smaller parts. Going one step further (both in detail and song evolution), the window mullions on the upper story become a literal representation of the pitch, intensity and length of each of the various instruments in the song.

The upper floor seems to dissolve into the lower when viewed in elevation, creating a cohesive design concept from public to private, second floor to first, in both section and plan.