Animal Humane NM

  • Role:
    Designer / Project Manager
  • Date:
    Winter 2012 - Winter 2013
  • Project Type:
  • Project Status:

Animal Humane New Mexico is a publicly funded animal shelter in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s an eclectic shelter with its primary functions divided and spread out over the large, sprawling campus. As a piece of a larger plan to overhaul the entire area, I was contracted to sketch out the preliminary site plan, as well as to design two new, ground up buildings and a renovation, seeing them through CA. In total, the three buildings added up to around 22,000 square feet.

The adoption building, shown here, is a 12,000 square foot facility in the center of the campus. It’s primary function is to serve as the public face of the organization by housing dogs in a retail environment. In addition, it boasts a large public lobby, employee offices and a multi-purpose room used for community outreach and public meetings.

Relying almost entirely on donations, the budget for the shelter overhaul ended up being relatively meager. In the end, the client decided that the scope of the project was of the utmost importance, requiring me to be creative in my approach. To minimize costs, I ultimately decided to use a metal building shell with a rectangular footprint. To add interest and to emphasize the entrance, I implemented an angled, overframed element with a full height curtainwall.

In addition to using an inexpensive shell, I was also challenged to reimagine the interior. In the end, I used bright and playful paint colors on simple geometric drywall forms to divide and organize the space in a dynamic way. I also designed and implemented several large vinyl graphics in the lobby and the multi-purpose room that were a cost effective way to enrich and enliven the space.

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